Hi!  My name is Rachel.

To say I love animals is an understatement! I've always had dogs as pets throughout my life, but lately I've been looking after cats, finches, chickens and all sorts of dogs.
I live with my goofy greyhound, Moosie Moo and we love going to the beach or the park and enjoy meeting other doggos and their humans.
My photography journey started in 2005 when I took a holiday on safari in Eastern Africa. Knowing nothing about photography, I went a bought a DSLR and proudly hauled it half way across the world and photographed my safari, not understanding anything about how to use the camera properly or how to take great photos. But I was hooked! When I got home, I started investing in education and took lots of short courses on photography and began the journey I'm still on today. 
As my skills and understanding of photography grew and my love for the craft strengthened, I took my camera everywhere! Parties, gatherings and impromptu drives on weekends to photograph landscapes, early mornings for sunrises, and of course my family. A few years into my learning and growing, I started my business. Just photographing friends and family for free. As time went on, referrals started to come in and that's how the real business began.
Over 15 years later I've photographed hundreds of families, newborns and babies. 
But my heart has always been with animals. From that very first African safari, to pandas in China, whales in Hervey Bay and California and the amazing array of wildlife in Antarctica, I've photographed animals all over the world. Organically, my travels were beginning to revolve around the animals I'd see in their natural habitat. 
And that odyssey is how I've ended up here... as a pet photographer!
I enjoy meeting pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds and always have a blast with their owners, creating fun portraits of your beloved pets to cherish for a lifetime.
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